Codemotion Amsterdam Top 10

“Codemotion Amsterdam Top 10” is a coding challenge that offers you to win 1 of 10 free tickets to both days of Codemotion Amsterdam (2-3, April in 2019).

Start by signing up and follow the steps sent to you by email!


This challenge is called Diamond Mine. It is your new favourite game.

Its map is represented as a square matrix. The board is filled with cells, and each cell will have an initial value as follows:

  • A value ≥ 0 represents a path.
  • A value of 1 represents a diamond.
  • A value of −1 represents an obstruction.

The basic rules for playing Diamond Mine are as follows:

  • The player starts at (0, 0) and moves to (n−1, n−1), by moving right (→) or down (↓) through valid path cells.
  • After reaching (n−1, n−1), the player must travel back to (0, 0) by moving left (←) or up (↑) through valid path cells.
  • When passing through a path cell containing a diamond, the diamond is picked up. Once picked up, the cell becomes an empty path cell.
  • If there is no valid path between (0, 0) and (n−1, n−1), then no diamonds can be collected.
  • The ultimate goal is to collect as many diamonds as you can.

This computing challenge that can be solved in a great number of coding languages, but most developers so far solved it successfully by choosing these languages they knew best: C++, C, C++14, Java 8, Python 3, Java 7, Python 2, JavaScript (Node.js), PHP, Kotlin, PyPy3, R, Swift, Go, Objective-C

Additional notes and terms: The number of participants has to be at least 100 in total, so feel free to invite all your friends as well! You have 3 days to complete the coding challenge. The test is ongoing and currently, live. Please sign up for our challenge with a valid email address. Fake addresses and duplicate subscriptions will not participate in the game. Please note that we are GDPR compliant. Following your initial subscription, we will ask you to agree to these terms in a follow up email. Without you agreeing to these terms, you will not be able to qualify as we will not be able to send you any further emails! No further emails mean no coding challenge link either. Please make sure you double opt-in!

Win by solving our coding challenge in the shortest amount of time with the highest score possible. Be in the Top 10 amongst all the participants all factors considered as described above. One person can win only 1 ticket. Multiple registrations count as one submission. Please note that plagiarism is not acceptable. It is not fair, not nice and not cool. We flag and exclude any plagiarism suspects from the competition. The total prize amount is 10 tickets. Codemotion Srl reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the promotion at any time.

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