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The Codemotion Platform is one of Europe’s main quality IT job hub. The registration is simple, the process is unique and fun. Join us and find out your worth.

Test and rate yourself per Tech Stack you love on unique coding challenges and events organized by Codemotion. Try to solve relevant, real life problems from the comfort of your home and get matching job offers. Enjoy short interview processes by using our challenges as “pre-screening” to a top job opening. We never give out your data, test results, scores, nor any other data to anybody unless you explicitly agree and ask for it.

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  • STEP 1: Creating Your Codemotion Profile: Easy as 1-2-3
  • STEP 2: Complete at least 1 coding challenge: Try one of our coding challenges.
  • STEP 3: Enable job offers in your profile with a click of a button..
  • STEP 4: Get and offer you actually interested in: We offer you only for jobs you are actually scoring high for on our challenges. Once you score well and you allow us to recommend you to one of our strategic partners You will get contacted for a shortened interview process.

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