Convince your boss

Do you think your Manager needs a better understanding of Codemotion in order to approve your ticket and your attendance? We have seen this issue before, and so we have prepared a neat little template for you!

Feel free to copy and paste the relevant part/s


Dear [CTO/HR name],

I would like to attend Codemotion Amsterdam/ Berlin/ Rome/ Madrid/ Milan/ Tel-Aviv, the annual “software developer conference. This conference is open to all languages and technologies, held this year in Amsterdam/ Berlin/ Rome/ Madrid/ Milan/ Tel-Aviv on April 2-3rd.

Codemotion is hands-on, practical and developer-centric. It is all-inclusive and challenging. The usual ticket price include:

  • More than 60 sessions spread in 8 tracks per day covering the hottest topics (DevOps, Front-end, Back-end, Security, Cloud, Enterprise, Mobile, IoT ecc)
  • Hands-on coding sessions Labs
  • 2-4 keynote presentations covering the latest industry trends
  • Opportunities to discover the cutting edge solutions and best practices I can share later with the whole team
  • An exhibit hall featuring 30+ of the top Tech Companies
  • 2 full days of social and business networking with +1000 developers

Codemotion Amsterdam/ Berlin/ Rome/ Madrid/ Milan/ Tel-Aviv is an international Conference series uniting some 300,000 software developers under one umbrella community.

I will have the opportunity to meet international speakers as well known personalities, community leaders, top developers, Unicorn Companies, potential business partners, and, hopefully, future co-workers.

(In my follow up report I will include a short summary of my education as well as my networking goals, including presenters, exhibitors, and attendees whom I will contact after the event.)

Moreover, Codemotion delivers daily, weekly and thematic coding challenges available before, during and after their conferences. Their contribution to the local developer communities is immense.

I am seeking approval for the registration fee and following travel expenditures:

Transportation ____________
Hotel ____________
Meals – breakfast, lunch, and drinks are all included in the price of the conference ticket
Conference Ticket ____________
Workshops (optional) ____________

Total expense request ____________

Codemotion offers group discounts as well, I will send you more info on that should you be interested.

Thank you for your consideration.

[Your Name]