What can a partnership with Codemotion mean to your business?

Codemotion delivers High-Quality Content to hundreds of thousands of developers all across Europe each year. Derived from our Online and Offline events we offer companies a unique opportunity to engage with a well segmented, active and curious community of software developers and IT professionals.

We cover these tracks and interests both online as well as offline:

Devops, Blockchain, AI/Machine Learning, Inspirational, GameDev, IoT Big Data, Front-end, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Serverless, Software Architecture, AR/MR/VR, Design, UX

Our Partnership Offering consists of:

  • Sourcing and recruiting of Developers and IT professionals
    This is a very common request we encounter. Codemotion’s Community reach amongst specialized communities is far-reaching. We combine community work with top-notch skill based coder testing tools. This approach ensures the relatively short and “surgical” sourcing and testing of candidates with a personalized touch. Feel free to take this Software Developer Placement Test as a live example: (once finished we will send you the detailed result in e-mail)
  • Employee branding
    The Codemotion Platform and the Conferences allow companies to promote their technology products and services to a vertical target of developers and IT professionals, encouraging their use or adoption.
  • Training of IT teams
    Codemotion Coding Labs, Live Coding events and Conference Labs are a great occasion to train your IT team on the latest tech trends. Online training, offline training, plus weekly, daily and thematic Coding Challenges, Webinars and more are available upon request.
  • Content. Is. King.
    Our network is organic, sourced by our independent Program Committees in 4 countries across Europe. We work with more than 400 internationally renown speakers from all over the world, gurus in their field. We encourage growth and consider ourselves an instrument of continuous growth of developer communities. Our Magazine, Live events, Online presence over Youtube, Social Media and developer content hubs is a source of inspiration for a generation of developers. You are too welcome to contribute.

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